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General Information / Internet Access

WiFi Information

At the University of Tokyo
Period of validity August 18 - 19, 2017
SSID eduroam
eduroam Account Please refer to the name badge holder.
Password Please refer to the name badge holder.
At the Kokusai Fashion Center
Period of validity August 20, 2017
Security Key tokyo2017

For Guest Users of eduroam Account for the University of Tokyo

Each participant is provided eduroam wireless LAN service as a guest users.
Participants who already have an eduroam account may use the service using their existing account, participants without an eduroam capable account may use “Guest User Account” by using an Account Name and Password shown on the name badge sheet.
* Please make sure to read and agree the following before access eduroam Account.

Directions of Use

- The Wi-Fi SSID “eduroam” can be found in locations where the service is available. Please identify this signal on your
device before trying to connect.

- eduroam uses the WPA2-Enterprise. If the version of OS (operating system) you are using is fairly recent, connection
will be automatic upon selecting the SSID "eduroam" and entering the account name and password. If this does not
work, depending on the OS, manual set up will be required.

- Information required for manual set up

• Authentication method: WPA2-Enterprise
• Encryption type: AES
• Authentication protocol: PEAP with MSCHAPv2
• Certificate verification: none

- Please visit the eduroam website (http://www.eduroam.jp, https://www.eduroam.org/) for details on how to use the service and manually setting up.

- The eduroam service through the University blocks certain transmissions deemed undesirable, such as connection between P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing software.

- The University does not provide support regarding eduroam Wi-Fi device settings.

Warnings & Handling of Personal Information

- The user bears all responsibility for internet use made via this service. The University of Tokyo bears no responsibility for any trouble that ensues from use of this internet service.

- The user is required to comply with the University’s rules on computer use. For details, please refer to the "Guidelines for Information Ethics and Computer Use" published by the University for the purpose of ensuring compliance.

- The University collects information on users of this service in order to deal with security incidents and to improve the service.

- The University will render the account unusable without any warning if the user is suspected of using it to send socially harmful information. The University may provide information on the user to the police if so requested.

- The personal information that you submit for IIPF2017 registration is used for creating eduroam Account.

Normal Procedure for eduroam Connection

The following illustrates how to connect using Windows7

  1. Display the available wireless LANs.
    When using Windows 7, click on the wireless LAN icon in the toolbar.
  2. Enter the account name and password in the authentication screen when requested. Enter the full account name including the "@u-tokyo.eduroam.jp."
  3. A security warning will appear as there is no certificate verification, but please ignore this and shuusei click "C"